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The Trick AND Treat

TrickAndTreatI’ve been thinking a lot about ways to face challenges head on without becoming bogged down in the… well… “challenge” part. Inspired by the season I created The Trick and Treat spread. The center card identifies a core current challenge needing attention. Upper right is the “treat;” what the positive benefits could be from dealing with this challenge. Upper left is, you guessed it, the “trick;” what makes this particular issue a little difficult. The three lower cards are a suggested action path to bridge the gap from the trick to the treat.

I’ve been experimenting with this reading a lot lately and I’m very happy with the results. This time of year can be filled with stress and reflection on those things in our life that have brought us pain. While it’s important work to face the shadows… we need some light to keep us from getting lost there. The Trick and Treat spread is like a nice little meditative lantern in the autumn evening. It’s simple, direct, and empowering. Realistic and hopeful.

Try it for yourself or book a reading with me: The Trick & Treat