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The Armchair Tarot Reader: Free Download

“The Armchair Tarot Reader” by Laura Pensar is a quick-start guide for those interested in bringing the Tarot into their lives. The free booklet covers:

  • Getting Started. Instructions for a “Daily Focus Draw” practice are included to help you begin gaining the benefits of working with Tarot from the start!
  • Brief history of Tarot and explanation of its structure to help you learn the card meanings more quickly.
  • Index of card meanings. Quick and simple reference to use as a starting point for your Tarot study.
  • Advice for seeking a professional reader.
  • Learning to read for yourself.
  • Caring for your deck, a brief glossary of common terms, and background information about myself and my shop.

“The Armchair Tarot Reader” is a reference to introduce you to the Tarot and help you start working with your deck in a simple and peaceful way.

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