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In early 2013 I started the process of dissecting my life to figure out why what looked so good on paper, felt so bad in practice. At the end of 2013 I got my eye palm-tattoo to commemorate my commitment to this process of introspection. 2013 was also the time my friend and fellow cartomancer Kaite Stover gave me “the push” and I reluctantly began to read Tarot professionally after 24 years of private study and personal practice. 7 years ago I set changes in motion that are still unfolding in my life today. I had no idea where the path would lead me. I had no way of knowing just how challenging, enriching, harrowing, painful, and beautiful any of it would be. The examined life is worth living.

7 years of accepting change with my right hand, wearing gloves when visiting small towns, and daily reminders of my commitment to “know yourself.”

(Photo by Paul Andrews Photography)

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The Gift of Time

For 6 days I gave myself the gift of time. Other than obligations I had already made or could not delay, I spent 6 days in my studio beginning the art for a new deck. I fiercely protected those hours, turned off my phone, ignored emails, asked my family to fend for themselves in the kitchen. For the first time in a long time I had to face my own silly fears about my art and actually push through and solve problems as they came up rather than put it aside to work on something else. I am happily surprised by the art that came crawling out of my pen once I stopped fighting it for not looking like the abstract intangible ideas that had been floating around my head. It was scary, and beautiful, and I know I will treasure those 6 days for years to come. Today my studio is “back to normal” and I’m at my computer working on less creative work. But I feel balanced.