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In early 2013 I started the process of dissecting my life to figure out why what looked so good on paper, felt so bad in practice. At the end of 2013 I got my eye palm-tattoo to commemorate my commitment to this process of introspection. 2013 was also the time my friend and fellow cartomancer Kaite Stover gave me “the push” and I reluctantly began to read Tarot professionally after 24 years of private study and personal practice. 7 years ago I set changes in motion that are still unfolding in my life today. I had no idea where the path would lead me. I had no way of knowing just how challenging, enriching, harrowing, painful, and beautiful any of it would be. The examined life is worth living.

7 years of accepting change with my right hand, wearing gloves when visiting small towns, and daily reminders of my commitment to “know yourself.”

(Photo by Paul Andrews Photography)

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