Oracle KC’s Raffle for Ukraine

Oracle Natural Science is currently hosting a fundraiser for Ukraine. Ukraine is in desperate need of aid – including medical supplies, food and water, funds for repairing infrastructure and supporting the frontlines. Nine artists have gathered to participate in this grand giveaway; which means nine winners!

For this fundraiser I made a special boxed-set of 6 hand-dipped candles. The Prayer for Ukraine candles are 100% organic beeswax, each adorned with:

  • Aquamarine crystals associated with clear communication – releasing old patterns – soothing grief.
  • Marigold petals associated with inner strength – power – protection – remembrance.
  • Salvia petals associated with healing – long life – safe – secure.

Tickets are $5, and there is no limit on individual ticket purchases.

Check out all of the beautiful possible prizes. Get more info about the organization Oracle will be donating the funds to: Razom for Ukraine. And purchase as many tickets as you can/like by this Friday, May 13th!

The more tickets you purchase the better your chances of winning!