Sunset Tapers

©2022 Laura Pensar, Moth and Candle LLC

I love making special commission candles! I work with the customer to develop a unique candle dressing just for them. Sometimes it’s a particular herb, flower, or crystal they want me to include. Other times there’s a general theme or intention and I develop the candle style around that.

In July, Oracle asked me to make a special candle for the first edition of their Witch Club subscription box which is relaunching in September. The subscription is released quarterly and centered around seasonal rituals, which means I would be making a candle for Autumn. We brainstormed some ideas for the candle dressing and decided on carnelian crystals and yarrow.

I pressed a book’s-worth of yarrow leaves and a few select bloom heads. I let them dry and press for a few weeks before the dipping session. Then, with the moon in Taurus, I dipped and dressed 16 custom 6″ tapers.

Each taper has carefully arranged Yarrow leaves and blooms wrapped up and around the taper. Yarrow represents healing, love and protection. It is also said to be the “flower of death” making it an appropriate choice for Oracle’s Autumn candles. I sprinkled powdered Frankincense resin as an overall light dressing representing spirituality and the sacred. The powdered incense will also release a very, very light scent as the taper burns. Finally, each taper is crowned with a single reddish-orange Carnelian crystal representing warmth, courage, and the sunset.

I am so happy with the way these Sunset tapers turned out. I secretly wish I could make more of them! But the dressings I develop for custom clients are exclusive to them… so maybe Oracle will ask me to make more? (Fingers crossed.) But until that happens, these Sunset beauties can only be found in Oracle’s September Witch Club.

If you’re interested in commissioning a unique candle style… send me a message!

©2022 Laura Pensar, Moth and Candle LLC