Publications & Decks by Moth & Candle


Little Lulu’s Lucky Lenormand by Laura Pensar (2019): a spunky contemporary twist on the popular Lenormand-style deck from the 1800’s. Pre-orders now until March 20th, 2019 through Indiegogo.

The Paris Tarot by Laura Pensar (2017): take the fool’s journey through sepia-toned photographs of Paris in this enchanting 78-card Tarot deck.


The Suicide King’s Quick Guide to Cartomancy by Laura Pensar (2018): instruction booklet for learning how to read playing cards. Available as a hand-stitched paperback.

The Armchair Tarot Reader by Laura Pensar (2018): quick-start guide for those interested in bringing the Tarot into their lives. Available as a free ebook.

Moth & Candle Tarot Zine by Laura Pensar (2018 to present): monthly zine filled with original Tarot spreads, study guides, and illustrations. Available in ebook or hand-stitched paperback.