Moth & Candle makes hand-dipped taper candles from 100% organic beeswax with organic cotton wicks. Beautiful golden candles adorned and decorated with all natural and non-toxic materials. Created with intention and care for ritual, home, or giving.

Moth & Candle tapers are available at these stores:

CA, Newport Beach: Romani Holistic Healing
CO, Denver: Ritualcravt
IL, Chicago: Sideshow Gallery
MO, Kansas City: Oracle Natural Science
MN, Minneapolis: The Future

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Herb-dressed 6-7″ Tapers: variety of herb-blend selections available; including the popular Fortuna spiral-dressed prosperity tapers with pure gold and silver flake.
4.5″ Joined Taper Pairs: lightly dressed mini-tapers joined by the wick with their dip-twin; variety of herb-blend selections available. Moth & Candle’s most popular item!
Art Tapers: limited edition and one-of-a-kind hand-adorned candles; detailed and unique works of art, thoughtful gifts or beautiful additions to any home
Bone-dressed 6-7″ Tapers: all bones are ethically and sustainably sourced as by-products from small independent farms or conservation and abatement programs
Flower-Adorned 5-6″ Tapers: unique and lovely tapers lightly dressed with herb-blends and adorned with flowers and foliage
Candle Practice Supplies: Moth & Candle makes a variety of items to support candle ritual, divination, and magic practices