Ethics and Conditions


  • I respect the trust and vulnerability my clients have with me in their sessions and as such I keep everything which comes up during a session completely confidential. I absolutely will not disclose to anyone the contents or what was discussed during your reading session.
  • The limitation to this confidentiality agreement is if, per my professional judgment, I have reason to believe you or another human being is at imminent risk of physical harm, then at that point, confidentiality breaks and I may disclose the contents of your readings on a need-to-know basis.


  • I do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. Acceptance and understanding are at the core of my work.

For Entertainment Purposes

  • In certain jurisdictions, a reader engaged in practices that legally fall under the scope of “fortune telling or divination” is required to disclose to you that such readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to your reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof.
  • That being stated, I take my practice seriously; it is an extension of my spiritual beliefs and personal philosophical tradition. I have studied cartomancy for nearly 30 years and engage in daily ongoing education on all aspects of my work. I will approach your reading with the care and reverence I treat any sacred art. While I encourage you to treat what I say as being for entertainment purposes only, know that from my end, I do not treat it as frivolous; for me, my work is an expression of my contemplative practice and journey.
  • I also have quite a bit to say in favor of the power of entertainment to inspire us to embrace our greatest potential and provide valuable insight. So I hang the “For Entertainment Purposes Only” shingle above my door without shame.

Projective Not Predictive

  • My readings are not predictive, however they have the potential to be projective. I avoid engaging in “fortune telling.” Fortune telling is disempowering, robbing Tarot of all its nutrients. As such, I do not answer specific outcome-based questions about matters of the law, financial issues or health queries. Please make sure you consult appropriately trained professionals for those concerns. And Tarot can help you figure out how to best support yourself and your well-being while navigating those events in your life.
  • Besides, a great deal of your future is based on your actions in the present… so why not take that future into your hands now and get to making something beautiful with it?


  • For both ethical and practical reasons, I only give readings for people who are present and consent to the reading. This means that when looking at relationships with others in a reading, I am concerned with and focus on you and your emotions and actions and not the other parties involved.
  • Tarot can be a very therapeutic tool for working through grief and bereavement; but I am not a medium and will not seek to contact the dead in any reading.
  • I reserve the right to listen to my intuition at all times. If I don’t feel that a reading would be appropriate or if I feel that I am not the correct reader for you, I will offer you a full refund.
  • I cannot give refunds for completed readings/sessions.

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