Readings can be an inspirational and motivating tool, whether with Tarot cards, candle wax, or other divination tradition. Readings have the potential to help clarify goals, identify blockages, tackle difficult decisions, process emotions and empower you. As your reader I help you see your circumstances from new perspectives.

Emailed Card Readings

Both a personal memento and self-reflection tool, written readings allow you to examine the messages privately and in your own time. These readings address a single question or topic. Your reading will come in PDF format with a photo of your cards in their layout and full written interpretation.

Candle Wax Readings

Candle readings (Carromancy) tend to be inspirational and poetic. They give a sense of dynamics and prompt you to interpret the messages in a very personal and dream-like way.

Live Reading Sessions

Live sessions are available by Zoom or in-person. Live sessions allow us to be interactive and have a conversational approach to your reading that allows space for you to ask follow-up questions, seek clarification, or look at multiple issues as time allows.

  • Individual Tarot Session 45min (Zoom $55 / In-Person $65)
  • Tarot for 2 People Session 60min (Zoom $95 / In-Person $110)
  • Reading/Lesson Combo 60min (Zoom $80 / In-Person $90)

To schedule a live session fill in the inquiry form below.

Reading Session Inquiry Form

  • Scheduling a live session:

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Booking a reading with me implies consent and agreement with all terms noted on the Ethics and Conditions page.