Have Laura Interpret Your Own Draw


Laura Pensar’s written interpretation of 5-12 Tarot cards you have drawn for yourself.


Need an outside perspective on some cards you’ve drawn for yourself? Tell me what cards you have drawn, what positions they are in if you are using a particular spread, and I will send you my full written interpretation of your reading to your email within 48 hours. Please include the email address you wish me to use in the comments section at checkout.

“I drew a few cards last night but I can’t make heads or tails of them. Can you help?” This is a question that comes up a lot. And it makes sense, sometimes it can be a “can’t-see-the-forest-for-the-trees” situation when trying to read Tarot for yourself. I am happy to interpret a reading you’ve drawn for yourself. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes makes all the difference. Note which cards you have drawn (between 4 to 12 cards) and what positions they are in (if applicable.) If you’d like to include a photo of your cards, I would love to see it, but it isn’t strictly necessary. As always, the more specific information you can include, the deeper we can dig into the heart of your reading.

  • I can interpret Tarot, Lenormand, and playing cards. If you are using an Oracle deck please message me first to see if it is one I am familiar with.


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