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Stuck in a New Perspective

OldEnglishHangedManWebSafeI am currently living out The Hanged Man card in my life. I am in the midst of personal and legal issues and really all I can do is wait. There’s frustration and humiliation and a very real sense of powerlessness. I’m moving towards a better time and I know that fairly soon I will be cut down from this scaffolding, but for now… here I hang.

Times like this can be excruciatingly unpleasant; like riding passively in a car on your way to an emergency. Sometimes it feels like if you could just get out of the vehicle and run it would feel better, even though you clearly can’t run as fast as a car can drive. It seems like if only you could exert enough effort you could make time go faster. The feeling that you need to “do” something about the situation can be tough to fight.

So how can I tap into the resigned grace of The Hanged Man in the Major Arcana? Intellectually, I definitely understand that there really is nothing to do but just wait it out. Find an interesting pose, take some deep breaths, take in the view. Time to just “hang” or “be” with the situation. If I can stop flailing and settle down enough, I know I can gain a lot of insight during this time that will serve me well once the rope is removed from my ankle. So for now, deep breath and wait. This too shall pass.