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Moth and Candle

MarkAllenHighPriestessWebSafeI bought my first Smith-Waite deck when I was twelve years old… and I’ve been using Tarot as a meditation and self-exploration tool ever since. To be honest though, I could never reconcile the cultural association with Tarot as a “fortune-telling” method with the rational present-time-loving me. And so my card reading was something I did in private and kept largely quiet from all but a few. Last year, a friend of mine and fellow cartomancer, insisted that I let go of the “hippy dippy shame” and fully embrace what I’m good at… using the cards as a tool to help myself and others dig deep into self-exploration. So I did. And the response has been fantastic.

This summer a local designer and artist handed me a copy of his version of the High Priestess. Mark Allen’s cyanotype image is beautiful, contemporary, and haunting. The High Priestess was a reminder that while I love learning and I have a strong education underpinning my life experiences… I am first and foremost an intuitive creature. I thanked him for the timely message and his beautiful work.


I’m thrilled to be officially launching Moth and Candle.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.