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Deck Review: Nature Nurture Oracle

I picked up my copy of the Nature Nurture deck by Marcella Kroll last week. I’ve spent a few days now with this 45-card nature-inspired oracle deck and it has already earned a place of honor in my deck library.

The presentation is really sleek. The deck is petite with 2.25″ x 3.5″ cards. It comes in a sturdy rigid box with a simple design. The cards themselves have gilded edges, are glossy, and seem to have a very subtle glittery sheen to them. The card stock is thin but seems to be fairly durable nonetheless. The card backs are not reversible, but that’s generally not an issue when working with oracle decks.

The artwork is minimal and beautiful with simple drawings that quickly convey the card symbols. They are numbered 1 through 45 and contain both the title of the card and a single keyword making this a great beginner’s deck.

Some of my favorite cards from the deck.

While the deck itself is beautiful and has a unique aesthetic amongst the oracle decks currently available… the real star of the show is Kroll’s little booklet. This 50 page book comes nestled in the box on top of the deck with a full-color cover and is packed with poetic interpretations of each card. I found myself reading it cover to cover before I even really handled the cards much at all.

My 4-Card reading.

Kroll includes instructions for three ways to work with the Nature Nurture deck: 1) The one-card focus/meditation draw, 2) The standard three-card past/present/future spread, and 3) A four-card guidance spread.

It’s occasionally difficult to get oracle cards like this to function easily in a guidance-oriented reading as their strength really lies in their inspirational/meditative qualities. But I’ve found that this deck can ask you to consider situations and suggested actions in a very gentle way. When the harsh truths other decks can deal out are just too much to take in… sometimes the quiet peaceful guide who whispers to us is what we really need.

I cannot recommend this deck enough for people who are interested in trying their hand at working with cards for the first time. This deck would also be a great supplemental deck: once you lay out your normal spread with a Tarot deck you can draw an additional card from the Nature Nurture deck as an added “tone” card. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down…