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Learn Lenormand Class for OracleKC

Oracle KC is bringing back my Learn Lenormand card reading class! This time online! Lenormand is a card-reading style from the Victorian era. These 36-card decks are a great way to begin or bolster an existing card-reading practice. Lenormand is simple and direct; ideal for exploring issues dealing with timing and considering practical solutions. For this class you will receive a copy of Little Lulu’s Lucky Lenormand deck, booklet, and the Lenormand lesson workbook! AND… you will be doing simple readings for yourself by the end of class! No experience necessary.

Class: Sunday, May 24th 1:00pm Central (Class will be held through Zoom, class materials will be shipped to you.) Class registration through Oracle KC: Learn Lenormand Class

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Medicine Cards, 1988

My father had the Medicine Cards deck when I was growing up. I remember reading the book cover to cover in one sitting while lying on the living room floor after a particularly frustrating day at school. His deck was misplaced at some point over the years after I moved out. I’ve been looking for a copy recently because it’s honestly the only “oracle style” deck I’ve truly liked working with so far. Kaite Stover gifted me a sealed 1988 copy! It was like opening a time capsule… I was instantly back in my parents’ living room, carpet patterns pressed into my kneecaps and elbows as I poured through the pages getting my first taste of archetypal profile readings (wouldn’t know that term until many years later though) and being super annoyed that Mouse kept showing up in my pulls. I can’t really explain what it’s like to meet back up with this deck so many years later. I think I was 18 the last time I really saw these cards. And Mouse has shown up again; this time I don’t mind. Thank you, Kaite!!! I’m out of words. This truly means a lot to me. Thank you.