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Obscure Card Game Night

Laura is hosting a monthly Obscure Card Game Night at The Moth & Candle studio!

OPEN TO ALL! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Laura will teach the group how to play the month’s chosen card game, we will learn a little bit about the background of the game, then we’ll play several rounds and see how we like it. A little bit history, a little bit fun and games… Obscure Card Game night is something a little bit different to shake off the “same-old same-olds.”

  • Third Thursdays 7 – 9 pm **Unless otherwise noted.
  • Moth & Candle studio, 3130 Bell Street, KCMO
  • Free & open to the public. $5 suggested donation

Upcoming Dates

  • March 21st: Piquet – Is one of the oldest card games still being played today. Referenced as early as 1535, Piquet remained the most popular card game in France until the early twentieth century.
  • April 18th: Skat – Is the national game of Germany and is considered one of the most interesting card games for three players.
  • May 16th: TBA
  • June 20th: TBA