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Above & Below: A Holistic Approach to Astrology and Tarot

Exactly a year ago, Quinn and I set out to make a simple booklet of Tarot and Astrological correspondences… it evolved and so did we. “Above & Below: a holistic approach to Astrology & Tarot” is a workbook to take you mindfully through the seasons of the year. I couldn’t be happier to be launching this work with you, Quinn. High five!

I’m so overwhelmed by the support for Above & Below! Thank you to everyone who came to our book release celebration yesterday! Quinn and I were blown away by the turnout AND we are sold out of the first edition! We will be printing a second edition ASAP. (Denver people, I believe you can still find a few copies at Ritualcravt) Thank you all again! And especially gratitude to Alessandra Dzuba and Oracle, Kansas City for hosting our release party!