Nerdy Cartomancy… 2 of Cups!

It’s nerdy Tarot-meme time! I feel like Finn in the “Blenanas” episode of Adventure Time when he cracks himself up with his own cartoon but no one else around him thinks it’s all that funny. But… I stand by my take on this card, in jest and in seriousness.

Illustration of the 2 of Cups as if they were the cartoon people from an Ikea instruction manual.

Many people assume that the 2 of Cups Tarot card refers to a romantic partnership. But that’s not necessarily the case. Your 2-of-Cups person is the one who will help you build your Ikea furniture with you. Literally (I mean seriously… those bookcases are a “ride-or-die” activity) and figuratively (the kind of person who is down to do the mundane stuff that really helps you out simply because it will help you out). That might be your lover, but it could also be a friend or family member.

So single folks, Aces, and people struggling in their romantic partnership… don’t feel “left out” when the 2 of Cups pops up for you. It’s just asking you to think of your “first-call” whoever that may be. The one who will patiently hold four heavy pieces of particle board in place as you Allen wrench a 4-inch bolt into place 3/4 turn by 3/4 turn.

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