I am a cartomancer (card reader) with 30 years of study and experience in Tarot and playing cards. I’ve been reading and teaching professionally since 2013. My teaching-style helps learners understand the outlying structures and concepts of divination, giving a solid foundation from which to connect with intuition.

  • Public Classes, Workshops, and Events
    • I have developed and lead classes and workshops (both online and in-person) for The Kansas City Public Library, Oracle, and Fetch. If you would like me to teach a class or lead a workshop for your organization, please contact me.
  • Live Private Learning Sessions (Zoom)
    • One-on-one learning sessions allow me to meet you exactly where you are and help you make the most of your experience with the cards!
      • Private Lesson: Focused time to cover any aspect of reading the cards.
      • Lesson/Reading Combo: Deeply personal and instructional. I will give you a private reading and walk you through the process of interpreting your cards.
  • Private Class or Workshop for 3 to 8 guests (Zoom)
    • Learn Tarot together! Arrange a private Tarot lesson or workshop for your group. Been wanting to take workshops with your friends, but the timing never worked out? Schedule your own group class with me at your convenience.