Moth & Candle offers services and supplies to support a contemplative and magical life. Studio run by Laura Pensar, writer and artist dedicated to philosophical divination. Laura brings 30 years of experience to her cartomancy services and consultations. From unique art objects to custom Tarot supplies and services, Moth & Candle is a magical studio in the heart of the Midwest.

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It is with gratitude and reverence I approach cartomancy. Tarot reading as an art-form is inextricably linked to the traditions of the Romani people. Tarot’s appearance in non-Romani lineages has a problematic history which needs to be addressed with urgency. Romani people living today face continued oppression throughout the world and fear the erasure of their culture as it is appropriated at increasing rates.

I encourage all who have benefitted from Tarot in one form or another to contribute directly to Romani-led organizations or individuals, learn more about the issues Romani people face today, and help raise awareness about Tarot’s origins and evolution.

10% of all sales redistributed to organizations working to protect civil liberties or directly to individuals who would benefit from the contribution. 33% of all sales of Tarot-related services and items redistributed to Romani-led organizations or individuals in recognition of the Romani people’s inextricable link to Tarot.