• Moth & Candle Studio: 3130 Bell Street, Kansas City MO
    • Tarot shop and art studio. A charming and peaceful space for private Tarot consultations, classes, workshops, and even game nights!
  • Laura Pensar: artist and cartomancer
    • LP is an artist and Tarot reader based in Kansas City. She runs Moth & Candle Event Bookings and the Moth & Candle studio space.
  • Moth & Candle Event Bookings
    • Provide a unique experience for your guests! Moth & Candle works with well-experienced professionals, some of the best in Kansas City!
      • Tarot readings
      • Palmistry
      • Tea readings
      • Astrology
      • Music
  • Publications & Decks
    • Moth & Candle produces original publications on Tarot and cartomancy and publishes original decks.

Contact Laura Pensar. (816) 645-6732 / laurapensar@gmail.com